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Quadrupole ion trap
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nbsp 0183 32 A quadrupole ion trap is a type of ion trap that uses dynamic electric fields to trap charged particles They are also called radio frequency RF traps or Paul traps in honor of Wolfgang Paul who invented the device 1 2 and shared the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1989 for this work 3 It is used as a component of a mass spectrometer or a...
An investigation into per
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nbsp 0183 32 For compounds where two or more transition ions were present the transition with the highest response was set as the quantifier with others set as qualifier ions The branched plus linear isomers of PFPeS PFHxS PFHpS and PFOS were quantified using linear-only calibration standards and reported as a combined branched plus linear concentration...
Response of cytokinins and nitrogen metabolism in the
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nbsp 0183 32 Given the close relationship between cytokinins CKs photosynthesis and nitrogen metabolism this study assessed the effect of arsenic As contamination on these metabolic components in the As-hyperaccumulators Pteris cretica L var Albo-lineata Pc-A and var Parkerii Pc-P as well as the As-non-hyperaccumulator Pteris straminea Mett ex Baker Ps The ferns were cultivated in a pot...
Association of diet and headache The Journal of
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nbsp 0183 32 The global prevalence of migraine as a primary headache has been estimated as in both sexes Migraine headache has been ranked as the highest contributor to disability in under 50 years old population in the world Extensive research has been conducted in order to clarify the pathological mechanisms of migraine Although uncertainties remains it has been indicated that vascular...
Identification and analysis of the FAD gene family in
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nbsp 0183 32 Walnut kernels contain a large amount of unsaturated fatty acids such as linoleic acid and linolenic acid which are essential fatty acids for humans and have important effects on growth and health The main function of fatty acid desaturase FAD which is widely distributed in organisms is to remove hydrogen from carbon chains in the biosynthesis of unsaturated fatty acids to generate C=C...
Types of Solids and How to Categorize Them
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nbsp 0183 32 There are six main types of solids each one characterized by specific properties and structures Ionic Solids Ionic solids form when electrostatic attraction causes anions and cations to form a crystal lattice In an ionic crystal each ion is surrounded by ions with an opposite charge...
Structure Performance and Application of BiFeO 3
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nbsp 0183 32 The valence states of Mn ions in BFO are fluctuating among 2 3 and 4 which can make different efforts on the structure and properties of BFO A more stable rhombohedral structure compared to BiFeO 3 is observed when 20 Mn 4 is substituted whereas mixed phases of orthorhombic and monoclinic are observed when more than 40 Fe 3 is substituted 57...
Conductivity electrolytic
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nbsp 0183 32 Conductivity or specific conductance of an electrolyte solution is a measure of its ability to conduct SI unit of conductivity is Siemens per meter S/m Conductivity measurements are used routinely in many industrial and environmental applications as a fast inexpensive and reliable way of measuring the ionic content in a solution...
Lanthanide probes
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nbsp 0183 32 Lanthanide probes are a non-invasive analytical tool commonly used for biological and chemical applications Lanthanides are metal ions which have their 4f energy level filled and generally refer to elements cerium to lutetium in the periodic table The fluorescence of lanthanide salts is weak because the energy absorption of the metallic ion is low hence chelated complexes of lanthanides are...
Effect of Ambient Storage on the Degradation of Ni
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nbsp 0183 32 Layered LiNi Mn Co O 2 NMC811 is one of the high-energy positive electrode cathode materials for next generation Li-ion batteries However compared to the structurally similar LiNi 1/3 Mn 1/3 Co 1/3 O 2 NMC111 it can suffer from a shorter lifetime due to...
Alignment of Polarization against an Electric Field in van
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nbsp 0183 32 Cu ions can be reversibly driven across a single van der Waals gap by the local electrical field of a scanning probe microscopy tip in ferrielectric CuInP2S6 crystals...
Complexes of Co II Cu II and Ni II with Antineoplastic
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nbsp 0183 32 The aim of this work was to investigate the interaction of Imatinib mesylate with biological ions Cu II Co II and Ni II in ethanol/water solutions Structures of synthesized complexes were characterized by spectroscopy methods Stereo-microscopy was used for...
Heterogeneous anion exchange membranes with nitrate
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nbsp 0183 32 1 Introduction Ion-exchange membranes IEM act as selective barriers that enable the separation of anions from cations With recent advances in IEMs specific membranes can further enable the separation between the mono- and divalent ions 7 8 but there are limitations associated with the selective separation of ions with the same charge and valence nitrate and chloride...
Exploring the structure and dynamics of macromolecular
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nbsp 0183 32 Holo fragment ions produced in UVPD experiments revealed specific regions of AK that exhibited substantial differences in fragmentation throughout the catalytic cycle In particular changes in backbone cleavages involving three α-helices and adenosine binding regions of AK indicated that these elements were in different structural microstates as AK progressed through its enzymatic cycle...
Towards single
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nbsp 0183 32 To understand processes regulating nutrient homeostasis at the single-cell level there is a need for new methods that allow multi-element profiling of biological samples ultimately only available as isolated tissues or cells typically in nanogram-sized samples Apart...
Proteomic analysis of cerebrospinal fluid extracellular
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nbsp 0183 32 Extracellular vesicles EVs are nano-sized particles present in most body fluids including cerebrospinal fluid CSF Little is known about CSF EV proteins in HIV individuals Here we characterize the CSF EV proteome in HIV subjects and its relationship to neuroinflammation stress responses and HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders HAND CSF EVs isolated from 20 HIV...
Water stability of cobalt doped ZIF
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nbsp 0183 32 In ZIF-8 zinc ions can be substituted by cobalt ions at any ratio from 0 to 100 Mixed metal ZIF-8 has different physicochemical characteristics compared to ZIF-8 and ZIF-67 For example cobalt-doped ZIF-8 shows enhanced CO 2 and H 2 uptakes and 2...
The guard cell ionome Understanding the role of ions in
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nbsp 0183 32 In addition Hedrich and Shabala provided an account for a number of guard cell-specific transporters involved in guard cell inward and outward ion movements Hedrich and Shabala 2018 However the involvement of ions beyond the standard macronutrients and their role in stomatal movement and physiology are not established...
Ceres Astrobiological Target and Possible Ocean World
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nbsp 0183 32 Although not specific to Ceres Kargel predicted that brines produced by aqueous alteration of the silicates could drive volcanic activity in large asteroids It is remarkable that most pre-Dawn models of Ceres thermal evolution predicted the long-term preservation of a liquid layer despite using different assumptions on the modalities of heat transfer...

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